Friday, August 08, 2008

Moving in the Right Direction...Together!

Cabrini Connections' newest mentor and mentee pair have a long history together. As of August 7, 2008 Marcus Burks has become an official Cabrini Connections' mentee. Marcus has been around the program and attended several of the Cabrini Connections' events over the years as a guest of several of his cousins who have been members of the program for several years. During this summer Marcus has attended the Edgewood College events (3-day event provided by members of Edgewood College in WI) and shortly after those events Marcus decided that it was time to join the program officially.
Marcus comes to the Cabrini Connections' program from the Cabrini Green Tutoring Program and has brought a familiar face with him. Joe Fridlin was not only Marcus' mentor in the Cabrini Green Tutoring Program and is joining Marcus at Cabrini Connections, but Joe is not new to the program. Joe Fridlin was a Cabrini Connections mentor several years ago with another student, and stated that he was glad to be back at Cabrini Connections and continuing to assist Marcus with reaching his goals. And one of the many goals that Marcus Burks has is to attend and graduate from Northwestern University.
This is an example of not only how mentors and mentees build a bond and a relationship through their interactions with each other, but this is an example of how both mentors and mentees become attached to the Cabrini Connections' program! Hopefully more and more potential mentors and mentees will join the program begin to move in the right direction....together!

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