Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cabrini Connections' is going 'Clubbing'

The Cabrini Connections' program goes beyond the standard of matching each mentor and mentee together when it comes to providing the youth with more and more resources here in the program. Cabrini Connections' offers the students the opportunity to participate in fun and engaging clubs throughout the year. There has been a variety of clubs offered throughout the years; Art Club, Technology Club, Writing Club, IYP(Video Club), Music Club, a Youth Leadership Club, and there was also a Parent Club offered for the parents of the students who participated in the Cabrini Connections' program. These clubs not only give the opportunity to explore and learn new and exciting skills, but these clubs also provide the volunteers who lead these clubs the opportunity to share their talents, expertise', and experiences with an engaged audience.
Currently the Cabrini Connections' program is offering an Art Club, a new and improved Technology Club, and the Writing Club will resume in the fall. We are currently looking to revitalize the IYP Club(Video Club) in an effort to teach our youth various journalism, broadcasting, filming, and film editing skills so they too can continue to 'tell the Cabrini Connections' story through their work. So if you or anybody you know have expertise in the wonderful world of video come and join the 'Club!"
Listed below are a few quotes from the Writing Club coordinator (Jen King) and the Tech Club coordinators (Alice Toth and Steve Pawlik) as they prepare for another fun and exciting year of 'Clubbing....'
"The writing club will be doing much of the same as last year. We will continue to provide opportunity for the participants to express themselves in various forms of writing emphasizing and encouraging the creative writing skills. We will be exposing the participants to new forms of writing while hopefully showing them the power of words and the impact they have. Each week we will have a new activity which is recorded in each of their journals. The journals are turned in at the end of each class and the participants are encouraged to participate in the activity or free write."
-Jen King
"Tech Club is very excited about its program for the Fall '08 session. We'll be delving into digital photography and learning some tips of the trade on what makes a good photograph -- you'll learn that some very simple techniques that can have a big impact. But why stop there? Now that you have the perfectly composed photo, we'll move onto learning a bunch of ways you can digitally alter your photos; such as applying filters so it looks like a sketch, removing the ugly billboard from the background, adding in a few more clouds -- the sky's the limit (so to speak). For more details, check out our blog post at:"
Alice Toth and Steve Pawlik

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