Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good news on college front!

I received an email from veteran volunteer Colin Haney this morning. It read

"Willie was recently informed that he was accepted at Morgan State in Baltimore. He is also receiving a very generous scholarship.

We owe an awful lot to your program and to your staff for providing such a great place to foster a relationship and afforded us so many great opportunities. I honestly believe none of this would have been possible without you providing such a great environment for us to meet each week. My deepest gratitude. "

This is great news and a great complement. Willie and Colin have been with Cabrini Connections for six years. They met at the Cabrini-Green Tutoring Program, which originated at Montgomery Ward in 1965. This is where Cabrini Connections also originated, and where many of our students and volunteers come from.

High school graduation and college is a goal we strive to achieve at Cabrini Connections and the type of results we hope to help other tutor/mentor programs achieve in other areas.

However, we cannot do this without continued annual donations from many people. Please visit and make a contribution in honor of Willie, and in support of the 2008-09 school year programs.

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