Thursday, January 06, 2011

Right Back At It in 2011

After what was hopefully a very nice Holiday Break for all of staff, students, and volunteers, we kicked off our Winter Quarter of the 2010-2011 tutoring/mentoring year in excellent fashion. With nearly 80 students and nearly 100 volunteers in the program, it looked as though we never had a break. The Wednesday night students and volunteers packed the center and got right down to the productivity they had been putting forth during the first quarter. Many pairs started the night off catching up with each other and talking about the holiday break, but all then got right into the academics and worked diligently throughout the night. Both students and volunteers compiled attendance at nearly 90% on the very first night!!!

The Thursday night set of volunteers and students were not to be out done at all. The productivity throughout the night was great and the attendance for both the students and volunteers exceeded the program's goal of 80%. It was a wide variety of activities taking place within the center. From students and mentors catching up from the holiday break, completion of the day's homework, and playing of games to job and college searching, and the planning of new and exciting student led fundraising projects.

All week the center has been buzzing with activity as if we never took a break at all. We like to use a lot of work analogies here at Cabrini Connections as a way of setting the tone and setting the example today of what it will be like in a career tomorrow. With that being said, we would like to thank all of the volunteers, students, parents, donors, and fans of the program for doing all that they can to ensure that we were back in the workplace in 2011...and for continuing to work just as hard, if not harder, that in 2010. Know that the reasons that hardships that many of our students face on a daily basis in their schools, communities, in their homes ect...doesn't take a day off, therefore programs and the people that make them up to combat those hardships can't take a day off either.

~More To Come in 2011~

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