Monday, January 10, 2011

Alumni News

LaShaun Crosby (with the orange shirt) sent me this message on Facebook.

I already received a Master degree in Education back in 08 and I will be graduating with my second Masters in June of this year. I will be receiving a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning. Also this summer I hope to begin drafting a mini book that will be composed of motivational, academic planning and esteem building activities that will be used to guide students in the city..Also it will contain a mini bio of my life growing up in Cabrini and how Ive grown into the person I am today...I hope to get it published one day and distributed to multiple schools throughout the city..Im in here Chicago.

All three of the students in this photo were part of Cabrini Connections in the mid 1990s and all have college degrees. LaShaun and Marquita Hall have graduate degrees.

We hope to help other students achieve this success in the future. If you're one of our alumni, please get in touch and tell us your story.

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