Friday, October 29, 2010

Cabrini Green gone? Are you sure?

This is a map that was included with a story in this week's Chicago Sun Times, titled "Cabrini Green Last Stand", talking about people in the last Cabrini Green high rise getting eviction notices. We were contacted by an ABC TV reporter who wants to talk to people living in the area.

Dan wrote a story about this on the Tutor/Mentor Blog, with maps showing the row houses and other parts of Cabrini Green. These maps show that there are still almost 400 families and possibly 1200 youth living in the row house are. The story shows that if the developers keep their promises, there could be 1200 units for public housing families by 2015.

Are we certain that there won't be a need for programs like Cabrini Connections to serve those kids?

Isaiah Brooms, a 1992 graduate, posted this challenge on our Facebook page:

I graduated from the program back in 1992 and I'm troubled to hear that it is in financial peril and there is the real possibility that it can close. This program was a key factor in my finally seeing what possibilities lay out there for me to be successful.... They are currently doing that for so many of the Children of Cabrini and I'm not aware of many programs that do it in a grass root, no nonsense kind of a way.

I am throwing out a challenge. I will match donations to the program up to a total of $600. I wish I could do more. But unfortunately, I can't. However together, we can turn each others dollars into a significant amount. Facebook me if you want to join this challenge with me. If all goes well, we should be able to give the program at least $1200 dollars that they do not have right now and desperately need.

If we want to keep Cabrini Connections available to current, and future, young people from the Cabrini Green area, we need to find more people to make challenges like this and to match them with their own donations.

Send donations to: Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection, 800 W. Huron, Chicago, Il. 60642

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