Monday, October 04, 2010

Are YOU A Fan of the Game?

Each year as the month of July ends and the month of August begins football fans around the world get prepared for the football season, not the same as the actual athletes themselves, but these fans get prepared to cheer on their favorite teams, players, and organizations. Many fans read the papers, check the internet, watch Sportscenter, and even visit training camp to keep up their teams and with the latest happenings taking place around the National Football League. And as the weeks blow by, training camp ends, preseason wraps up, and the first week of the regular season kicks off...the fans step up their support for their team. From throwing game viewing parties in their homes and cheering with family and friends to being a season ticket holder and taking part in all of the tailgating and gameday festivities...these true fans of football go to nearly any length just to one day say "MY team won the SUPER BOWL!!!!"
Just think about it, how many people you know have purchased a big screen tv, NFL packages, and High Definition just to watch the games. How many people do you know have a closet full of jerseys, would stand in line for hours just to get an autograph, or will pay nearly any price for some great tickets to watch their favorite team play a game for a couple of hours. These are true fans of the game right and there are millions of them around the world.

We are looking and in need of some of those exact same fans for our game. The game that I, and many other people like myself are involved in, is the game of helping youth reach their goals, dreams, and future career aspirations. Our league is not titled the NFL, but the league that we participate in is called Tutoring/Mentoring. We have some great players, coaches, and facilities in this league throughout the world. And the Cabrini Connections' organization, just like many others, is hoping to one day reach our ultimate goal; not a Super Bowl, but a the goal that each and every student that enters our program receives the necessary resources, expands their network, and learn positive habits so that they are in a career by the age of 25.

Now these are the true fans that love the game that are needed! We need people who would go to any length to see our players, coaches, and organization reach our goals. We need those that would spend thousands of dollars a year to support their Bears, Saints, Patriots be those same fans to support our team and the personnel that makes up the team. Hopefully you and others that you know will buy season tickets to our games, wear your favorite Cabrini Connections' sweatshirt to show off to your friends, and just make an effort to support a team full of players that could one day be future lawyers, doctors, engineers, police officers, social workers, and maybe even the star player on your favorite NFL team in the future.

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