Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can you help?

This week we're sending out about 1500 letters asking friends, family, foundations and others to make donations to the Annual Fund, which is essential for keeping Cabrini Connections in business from year to year.

This also includes an invitation to the year end dinner on June 10.

We've had great fund raising support so far this year from students and volunteers and I hope that during the tutoring sessions this week, everyone will pick up 5 or more brochures and send them to people they know who might provide a donation, or become a benefactor.

We are a non profit, so we're always going to be looking for money, and we will only succeed if our students, alumni and volunteers are telling their own stories about how their lives have been enriched by being part of Cabrini Connections.

Please follow our fund raising activities on this fund raising blog, and on this page on the Cabrini Connections web site.

What about bequests? Yes. Cabrini Connections can be the place where people leave a bequest, and create a legacy. Read more about bequests. Use this page to add Cabrini Connections to an estate plan.

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