Friday, March 26, 2010

Web Site Problems

For the past few weeks we've had constant interruptions of service on the Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Institute web sites. This affects SVHATS also.

We're working to get this fixed, but our options are limited by our fund-raising challenges. We, like many other small non profits, are working with very limited cash, which means that paying the rent, insurance, staff salaries are where the money goes first and their is not a lot left for flexible responses to problems that should be solved.

This is why Cabrini Madness, the Art Festival and other fund raising events are so important. They help raise the dollars we need to fix problems, and to pursue opportunities.

We'll get this fixed as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your patience and for helping us find the dollars we need.

Dan Bassill
Cabrini Connections
Tutor/Mentor Connection

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