Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NFL Combine and Cabrini Connections

Every year teams in the National Football League invite players to their facilities for a workout. The teams are looking for football players who work hard, have talent, have the drive and determination to be a professional football player, and players who would be a nice fit to their organization. Nearly each team in the NFL sends these invites out hoping that they can add what could be the missing link to their team's road to a Super Bowl victory!!!

All throughout the year our tutoring/mentoring league (Tutor/Mentor Connection) and the individual teams (tutoring/mentoring programs) are doing the exact same thing. Just like the NFL, each program is looking for the resources, whether is volunteers, students, supplies, and/or dollars and add to our programs so that we can be one of the best programs in the league. Unlike the NFL, we are not competing against other teams, but we are all looking to reach a similar goal of being a program that is equipped with the necessary resources to provide the players and coaches (students and volunteers) so that they can be successful.

The Tutor/Mentor Connection can be considered the tutoring/mentoring league that provides resources for each of the individual teams to use to better their own programs, but also to share what they are doing so other programs can better themselves as well. And the Tutor/Mentor Connection goes as far as hosting two conferences a year, which could be considered coach's clinics, so that members of the programs that make up this league can all come to network, share strategies, and hopefully brainstorm ways in which the entire tutoring/mentoring league can obtain the dollars so that each individual organization can benefit as a result.

Although, the programs are seeking resources throughout the year to enhance their team, the month of January is National Mentoring Month, and this month is similar to the month where the NFL combine where organizations promote what they do in hopes that the right talents joins their team. Cabrini Connections is just one of the many programs in the Tutor/Mentor Connection league and during this month we have had promo material on CanTV, the staff in the front office has been writing various blog articles about National Mentoring month, and the players and coaches already on our team have been sharing their stories about being involved in this league and on the Cabrini Connections' team. And as a result there have been several prospective new members who have begun to answer the call to be a new player and coach...and hopefully we receive new fans to become donors!

The Pittsburgh Steelers is just one of the teams in the National Football League, Cabrini Connections is just one of the teams in the Tutor/Mentor Connection league, but both teams in their respective leages are similar in that they have to have the right people and resources in place to have a GUARANTEED VICTORY...

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