Monday, January 18, 2010

Cabrini Connections Answers President Obama's Call

On Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Day on 2009 President Obama called for a day of service to all Americans to act upon M.L.K.'s vision of assisting those in need. And he not only called for a day of service, President Obama lead by example by volunteering his time at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. And just one year later Obama and people all throughout America are continuing to answer that call for a day of service.

While there are people who are off from work and school for this holiday, several Cabrini Connections' students and staff, decided to 'work' on their day off. Cabrini Connections' Program Assistant, Bradley Troast, lead a group of nearly a dozen students to James Wadsworth Elementary School to join others in helping to beautify this South side school. The group will be cleaning the halls and classrooms, taking out any and all trash and waste, painting the walls and murals, and just collectively doing what they can to enhance the visual appeal of the school.

This opportunity was announced to the Cabrini Connections' group during announcements the last two weeks, and the several of the students signed up to volunteer without hesitation. The group met here in the center around 7:30am on this cold January day, to assist others. Being a tutoring/mentoring program that serves a population where many of the students come from very low income household, this shows the character of the students that make up our program. They are sacrificing their 'off day' to assist others who more than likely coming from a similar community to Cabrini-Green. I am extremely proud of those students and staff member Bradley Troast answering Obama's call for a "Day of Service." My call for YOU, is to make an effort to support our program and the volunteers, staff, and most importantly the students.

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