Monday, April 07, 2008

Endorsement from Veteran Volunteer

Once in Cabrini Connections. Always in Cabrini Connections.

That's the goal I've shared with volunteers for the past 15 years. It reflects my belief that our students and volunteers can continue to support each other in years after they are an active part of Cabrini Connections, and that some of them will also support the continued operations and growth of Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection.

Ted Bills is one example of this support. He left the program several years ago to get his MBA from the University of Virginia. He now works for GE and has been posted in various cities. For the past two years he's been sending donations. I asked him to share his reasons for this support. Here's what he wrote:

I support Cabrini Connections because CC can provide a consistent, positive, encouraging support environment for underprivileged kids. I believe CC fills a gap for many kids, which can go a long way to enhance their chance for success. In my situation, this assisted my student in receiving a full scholarship to college!

I also believe in Dan's leadership. His unwavering commitment, dedication, and sacrifice to these kids is unquestionable. As a result, I am confident that my donation, as well as my company's match, entails a rock solid investment in helping kids have a brighter future.

Many of our former volunteers are sending donations and acting as avocates. Many are also directly connected to our teens. However, we're not certain how many. That's why we keep inviting former volunteers and students to submit articles that tell us where they are and how they are still connected. You can email an article to Dan, or use the form in the upper right hand corner of this page. We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you Ted for continuing to be an active member of the Cabrini Connections family.

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