Tuesday, March 04, 2008

End of Year Dinner Theme Ideas

We have had some great response to the year-end dinner theme contest from all of our students- over 50 responses!

Last Year's theme was "This is Just the Beginning" and the year before was "Think Big". The coordinators and dinner committee are voting on which ideas will be used for this year's dinner and it will be announced in the next two weeks. If you favor one idea or another, why not post a comment on this blog and tell us why you like the idea?

Here are the responses submitted by our teens (no editing was done on the responses)

* New Year New You * Livin the Dream * Keepin it Connected * "C" connections on the rise * My Tutor Rocks * Coming Together, Growing Together * The future is ours, the time is now * Give it your all- You will never fail.

* Aim High, Dream Big * We can Make it if We try * We are go getters on the run
* Cabrini Connections in the Action * Cabrini connects to your success * Cabrini brings great things * Be the Change * Cabrini Connects you to life

* Stand Up and Stand out * Everyday is a chance to make a better future for yourself * The key to success us you and me * In the midst of it all Cabrini Connection standing tall * Make it Happen * Your future is your destiny * Believe in yourself

* Inspire someone * Pursue your dream * Dream Big- Hope Huge * Believe in Yourself, great things will happen * Slow and steady win the race * Open the door to success * Look back on the future * The future has already started * My tutor is cool

* The New beginning for the New year * Transformers- more than meats the eyes
* Time to work, a time to play, lets move forward with each day
* This is our future * In it to win it * Keep on climbing * Reach for the stars * Yearn To learn * We as a whole community can be one

* Cabrini Connections is the place to be * Dont give up- look up and be surprised
We are moving on each day * Cabrini Connections was the Beginning, but it will never be the end * This place makes us great

* We will never live to the end, so Cabrini Connections is the beginning * All people are great * The truth will set you free * Dont stop keep going * Dont go back, go forward

You can do it * End of the year Beginning of the summer *The American Dream

These show that our 7th to 12th grade teens have some high hopes and some strong aspirations. Our role as volunteers and leaders is to help these ideas come to life in the type of tutor/mentor program we provide next year and in coming years.

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