Saturday, July 14, 2007

Edgewood Experience Connects College and Urban Students

On July 16, graduate students from Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin will be joining with Cabrini Connections students for a three-day experience. You can read about the 2006 visit. This will be the 8th year that we've had this partnership, and the goals are that the Edgewood students will learn more about working with inner city kids, and more about Chicago, while the Cabrini Connections students will learn more about college and careers, and some of the learning habits that they need to adopt in order to have the careers they aspire to.

We won't know how much change these events generate for many years. This is why we've created these forums and an eLearning strategy. Our hope is that the Edgewood students and the Cabrini Connections students learn to use this site, or our Cabrini Blog, as a place to stay connected to each other, so that as they get to know each other, they do more now and in the future to help each other. This can lead to more help for the kids, and more help for programs like Cabrini Connections, who need annual donations in order to pay for facilities, and pay for the staff that facilitate these activities and the on-going connection of youth and adult volunteers.

If you're an Edgewood alum or a Cabrin Connections alum who has participated in the Edgewood experience in one of the years since 1999, I encourage you to introduce yourself and tell how you are still drawing from this experience in your current life activities. You can post your message here, or in the Tutor/Mentor Connection discussion forums.


Ann C. said...

Hi. This is Ann C. from the Edgewood 2007 experience. I had such a wonderful time but misplaced the e-mails for the students. I worked with the Red Group....George, Marcus, Gregory, Alex,etc. If anyone has their e-mails please send them to me as I'd love to keep in touch. I look forward to seeing them again in the fall.

Unknown said...

Hey All!

This is DeEtte, also from the Edgewood 2007 group.

I would love to hear from you guys...ready for school??? Yikes-I feel the same way-lol

my email is:

Yes, now you all know how old I am!