Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cabrini Connections student alum on Today Show

I received an email today from Tramaine Ford, who was part of Cabrini Connections in the late 1990s while in Junior High and High School. He told me that he's in the new "Hairspray" movie and will be on the Today Show this Friday, July 20. Here's what he wrote;

"I will be performing with the cast this Friday July 20th on The Today Show. I will be dancing and singing with the Hairspray cast throught the show as well as dancing in a number with Queen Latifah at the end. It comes on NBC this Friday morning if you or anyone from Cabrini Connections wants to tune in to The Today Show performances or wants to go see the movie, it also comes out that day. I would appreciate the support greatly. I am definitely a spokesperson for CC and will continue to explore how I can support the program's longevity and success."

In another email he told me more about his part in the movie: " In the movie, I'm in a number called lady's choice with Zach Efron. This number is also on itunes and the disney channel as a music video for the film. "

Tramaine got his start in acting as part of the video group at Cabrini Connections. We'll be posting one of the video projets he stared in on YouTube soon. However, here's another video done by our kids:

We'll be holding our annual golf benefit tomorrow to raise money to fund our 2007-08 Cabrini Connections. Maybe one of the new 7th graders will be our next Tramaine. If you can make a donation to help, that can be possible. Visit to learn more.

Dan Bassill
Cabrini Connections
Tutor/Mentor Connection

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Peden said...

Tramaine, Blair and the rest of the guys truly hurt. I've done community service work for years and these incidents intensified my work. Check out my blog on