Friday, April 20, 2007

Alumni Update: Demetris Smith

Demetris Smith, a graduate from the Cabrini Connections program last year, sent us the following message:

Right now I am currently working at two law firms, one of them is Alfred T. Whiters, Modupe A. Sobo, Denise M. Mercherson, and Bonita Coleman & Associates. The other one is Ainsworths & Associates, P.C. They are both located downtown in the loop. I also go to Harold Washington College,which is also in the loop, where I plan to go long enough to get credits in order to transfer to a four year university.

I started going to CC in my freshmen year of high school. Since then CC, along with my mentor Brian, has kept me focused on my goals. I have to admit though my grades in school didn't reflect my potential, but I didn't stray too far behind. Even though I go to a community college I'm still not satisfied. Someone asked me "Why not, isnt' that good enough?" I said yeah, but I don't like to settle for good enough, I'm trying out for great.

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