Monday, February 14, 2011

The 2011 Cabrini Madness Season is Underway!!!

The 2011 Pre-Season of Cabrini Madness ended last Thursday and the regular season has gotten off to a pretty nice start. We have a total of 13 teams (same as last year) that have entered the season and all are looking forward to an opportunity to be the 2011 Cabrini Madness Champions come April 4th!!!

Returning champions, The Dream Team (formally known as Guaranteed Victory) entered the season as the fan favorites and held the 1st place ranking nearly the entire pre-season before the returning Changemakers took the 1st place position and moving The Dream Team into 2nd place. Team Captain, Shannyn Nellett (Writing Club Coordinator) is confident that her squad can make a run for the title this season.

Here is a complete list of the 2011 Cabrini Madness Team:

1. $970 ... Change Makers
2. $683 ... The Dream Team
3. $140 ... Team High5ive
Tie 4. $50 ....... Cabrini Allstars and The Green Team
6. $45 ..... The Blue Chips
7. $35 ..... Boom Goes the Dynamite
Tie 8. $30 ..... Running for Cabrini and Cabrini Loyalty
10. $10 ..... The Kids Are All Bright
11. $0 ....... Team 5Dragons
12. $0 ....... The Free Agents
13. $0 ....... The Golden Stars

Here is where you can view the official 2011 Cabrini Madness Bracket and follow your team as they navigate themselves through the tournament and to keep up with all of the latest Cabrini Madness news and updates check our our version of here

If you are not on a Cabrini Madness team, but would like to support the program you can either select one of the current teams and become a "Fan" of their team or you can donate to the overall program here. We sincerely thank all for their effort, advocacy, and support.


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