Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Showing impact

We feel the best way to judge the impact of Cabrini Connections is by the response of our teens and volunteers. If they show up each week and continue to participate from year to year, that show us we are providing a valuable service.

However, we're looking for other ways to show value and we post reports on the Stats page of the Cabrini Connections web site each week that anyone can review.

This Student Character Survey for 2009-10 has just been posted. It shows "strengths" of our students, which we feel the program helps enhance.

You can few three reports on the Cabrini Connections web site.

2009-2010 Student Satisfaction Survey Analysis Report

2009-2010 Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Analysis Report

2009-10 Student Character Report

As you view these reports and view the videos and blog articles we hope you will become a fan, and a supporter, providing your own time, talent and dollars to help us continue this work.

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