Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outstanding Attendance Leads to Summer Fun!

The Cabrini Connections' organization is like nearly any other tutoring/mentoring program around the world, the program doesn't work if people are not here. With that being said we aim for outstanding attendance amongst our students, volunteers, and staff and we set a program expectation of 85% or better attendance percentage throughout the year. We just wrapped up our 2009-2010 tutoring/mentoring year and we are proud to announce that we had good number of staff, students, and volunteers who successfully reached that attendance goal!!!

We are extremely proud to recognize 2nd year student Ana Tate for not just reaching the 85% goal of the program but for having 100% attendance to the tutoring/mentoring sessions for the entire year!!! What makes this accomplishment even more special is the fact that she is also enrolled in Video and Filmmaker's Club as well that meets on Mondays. Ana shows her dedication and commitment to the program by attending tutoring/mentoring sessions on Wednesday, club on Monday, and she also stops in on other days to take advantage of other program resources throughout the year. As a result of Ana's perfect attendance she was presented with a very nice bike that was donated by Zoya Kolkin who was looking to honor a Cabrini Connections' student. And we thought Ana Tate would be the perfect person to honor because of her perfect attendance!

Cabrini Connections' also puts in an extra effort to finish the year off strong with attendance by adding a bonus incentive of students with 75% or better receiving an opportunity to participate in the "Great America Getaway." Each year the students get to take advantage of a FREE fun day at Six Flags Great America and their breakfast, lunch, and dinner is covered by Cabrini Connections. This year our veteran students offered suggestions of a different summer incentive and we are exploring a couple of possibilities that should be equally exciting as a day at Great America. We are proud to announce that we had a total of 32 students in the program to earn this opportunity for their exceptional attendance during the 3rd quarter.

The Cabrini Connections staff would like to congratulate and thank each and every student and volunteer who demonstrated outstanding attendance, dedication, and commitment to the program this year. We encourage all of you to continue to lead by example!

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