Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Cabrini Connections' program is definitely in the Halloween spirit and the program is filled with activities that are taking place this week! The first event to kick off the week will be a in-house visit from a representative from St. Cloud University which is located in Minnesota on Wednesday from 4-5:30 pm. The students will have an opportunity to hear about the application process, scholarship opportunities, and the overall university culture. The event will be followed by food and beverages provided by St. Cloud University!

Normal tutoring/mentoring sessions will take place for the first half of the sessions, but during the announcements is where we will continue in the holiday spirit. The winners (Charles Hill, DeSean Hale, Yolanda Hyles, and Eboni Rivera) of the Cabrini Connections' Halloween Essay contest will be sharing their essays with the rest of the group. They will be discussing the history of the Halloween holiday and one of their most memorable Halloween moments. Students will also have the option to take part in a Halloween activity that will be hosted by the Art Club this year. Which should be a real treat! We will also be celebrating our October birthdays during announcements and continuing that celebration after announcements.

After announcements we are going to open the night up for the sharing of any and all Halloween treats! So if staff, volunteers, and students can and want to bring in some Halloween goodies for the group that would be great. Candy, cookies, cupcakes, and/or beverages would be greatly appreciated! And we are going conclude the Hallow-wicked Week by transported our essay winners to the Fear at Navy Pier Haunted House at Chicago's Navy Pier Friday evening!!!!

As you can see, the Cabrini Connections' program is definitely in the Halloween spirit while continuing to provide fun and engaging activities for all to enjoy! Staff, volunteers, and overall Cabrini Connections' supporters please continue to believe in the program...and let that mentality cause you to continue doing more!

Happy Halloween from the Cabrini Connections Staff!!!

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