Monday, September 22, 2008

First Week of Tutoring/Mentoring!!!

After a summer filled with planning, preparing, and anticipating the first days of the 2008-2009 Cabrini Connections' tutoring/mentoring 'season,' last week Cabrini Connections had the first official tutoring/mentoring sessions of the 2008-2009 school year!!!

I provided a "Welcome" to all in attendance and hopefully provided positive momentum as the program continues throughout the year. Wednesday and Thursday sessions were filled with new and veteran students and volunteers catching up and in some instances, meeting for the first time. The staff and Volunteer Coordinators provided the group with important information during announcements. Then everyone in attendance played a trivia game. The mentors and mentees were split up into two different teams and asked about 20 questions, with a bonus team question at the conclusion of the competition. What made this trivia game special was the fact that the questions covered material that all students, volunteers, and staff should know about the Cabrini Connections program and where the information could be located.

The participants of the trivia game received positive feedback for their responses (Dum Dum suckers) and one member from the winning team on Wednesday and Thursday won a $25 gift card to Target in a raffle.

We wrapped up the evening after the presentation of the prizes and mentors, mentees, Volunteer Coordinators, and staff said our goodbyes for the evening and most importantly encouraged everyone to join us next week as we continue to get the 2008-2009 Cabrini Connections' program off to a great start!!!

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