Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keeping OUR Students Safe This Summer

As we all know there have been over 20 CPS students slain this year, and violence has affected many more. If this violence is taking place in or around the school, we can only imagine what the summer is going to bring. This is why the staff here at Cabrini Connection, Tutor/Mentor Connection wants to be proactive in our efforts to protect our students this summer and provide them with a fun, education, yet safe environment to continue on the path to a successful summer. But we need your help!!!!

We are asking for you to keep in contact with students throughout the summer. Either over the phone, through email, on outings, or by taking advantage of our Open House nights here in the center which are scheduled for Wednesday nights from 6-7:30 p.m. Also encourage the student take advantaged of summer school opportunities, seek and obtain summer employment or interns, and encourage students to enroll in one of the many summer programming opportunities that we are offering this year. We also are asking and encouraging volunteers to get involved as well in the summer planning and programming opportunities this year. We feel that if more and more volunteers get involved in the summer programs then the students will get involved as well. Again, we are trying our best to take any measures to ensure that our students are safe this summer and they continue to learn, grow, expand their social network and skills, and obtain the necessary skills needed for a successful future. And together I know we can do it!!!

If you are interested in assisting with summer programming planning or implementation please contact me and I will gladly find ways in which to get you involved.

Lets Prepare for a Safe Summer,

EL Da' Sheon Nix
Administrative Coordinator
Cabrini Connections

PS: The Great America Trip will be July 26, with a rain delay scheduled for Aug. 2. See the complete summer event schedule.

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