Friday, December 28, 2007

New Journalism Project, Starts Jan 22

In partnership with the The Urban Youth International Journalism Program, Cabrini Connections, is launching a new journalism club, which will meet on Tuesday afternoons, from 4:30 to 6pm, beginning January 22. We will be providing handouts about this in the Wednesday and Thursday sessions, beginning Jan. 9. Please make sure the youth you work with understands this opportunity:

Why is this important?

The role of our student as a communicator and journalist of his own life, and his/her role in the tutor/mentor program is one we've been trying to teach kids to take for many years, both in print and in video and on websites.

People talk of kids as leaders, but you seldom see them helping kids to learn how to research a problem, think through solutions, then use communications tools to get other people involved, get resources, and keep people involved for the long time it takes to solve a complex problem.

Our problem is that kids are more influenced by the poverty around them than they are by schools, or by our volunteer tutors/mentors. We can change that if we can get the kids involved as owners of their own future, and the future of their peers, siblings, and kids to follow.

The Urban Youth International Journalism Program is a great way to accomplish this.

Teens who participate in the Tuesday night program will be studying with professional journalists. They will learn valuable skills and get career advice. Those who are selected, will be be publishing article in Residents' Journal, and they will earn a competitive freelance salary for each article that is published.

This will expose their perspectives to a city-wide audience. By studying the
press, they learn what is wrong with it, and how to change media for the better.

Here's info about our partner:

The Urban Youth International Journalism Program broadens the intellectual, educational and career horizons of youths who live in public housing and other low-income neighborhoods by training them to communicate their perspectives and priorities in print, on the internet and on television. The program trains youths to be critical producers and consumers of media.

Youth reporters learn how to conduct research for articles; how to find and interview sources; how to structure and write a news piece; and also how the
media works in a modern democracy. Past articles produced for the Urban Youth International Journalism Program include ones about one young man's experiences
in the Cook County jail, teenage pregnancy and police brutality.

We hope that many students take advantage of this and as a result, many become more creative thinkers and more effective writers and communicators. This will have a huge impace in their success in school and in life.

Please make sure every one of our students knows about this opportunity.

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