Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thinking Ahead to Year End Giving

This is the graphic that will be used with our annual holiday fund raising campaign. It was created for us by a volunteer who lives in Indiana. We met via the Internet. She's been helping us for about a year now.

I hope you'll think of two things as you look at this:

a) who do you know that would make a year end donation if you just told them that you are a volunteer or an alumni, and how important it is to raise donations to fund our work in 2008 and beyond. We raise 40% of our money each year in November and December, and the Holiday Fund is a big part of that. I hope you'll begin to make a list of people who might help.

b) we don't need to be in the same room to be helping each other, or to be helping our kids. I needed graphic design help. I found a volunteer in another state willing to help. Can we teach our kids to use the Internet to find people who will help them with homework, or with college and career choices, or with finding a job, or solving a problem once they get on the job?

The world our kids will grow up in is one without borders. It's a virtual world. We need to teach them to navigate that world, and to use its resources to be problem solvers.

One way to do this is to create stories about what you and your student do at Cabrini Connections, that you and your student can tell via our blogs, or Facebook, or MySpace or YouTube. If some of you do this every week, we'll create a much richer understanding of what happens at Cabrini Connections, and why people should volunteer time, talent, or dollars to help us, and our kids.

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