Friday, September 21, 2007

My Experience in Ireland, August 2007

Each year the students of Cabrini Connections participate in a wide variety of learning and enrichment activities, provided by their mentor, the organization, and by friends of Cabrini Connections. Below is an article written by LaFaye Garth, one of two students who went to Ireland for two weeks in 2007.

Wow, my trip to Ireland this summer was wonderful. It couldn’t have been better! I was accompanied by eight other bright individuals from Chicago. We had a blast! During our stay we enjoyed the great out doors and the beautiful green scenery. I must say that it was a very adventurous experience. I found myself doing things that I never thought I’d do.

We did so many activities, seeing the Famous Cliffs of Moher, a real cave, grave yards, doing a gorge walk, shopping, going to a doggy sanctuary, and seeing old castles and much more. We also did so much walking. However it was well worth all of the fun we had. Sometimes I was tired because the days were filled. We also met students from Paris, France. They were so cool and I loved their accents. There is so much I learned and I will carry this experience with me forever. The most memorable things were the gorge walk, riding Quad Bikes, my warm-hearted host families, touring Galway City, my group leaders, and the other students. Ireland is a very beautiful country although it is expensive. I recommend anyone to apply for the trip because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Oh, and of course the first week I was excited and half way through the second week I was homesick.

This trip is organized by the Center for Cultural Interchange. It's an example of the wide range of activities a tutor/mentor program can offer, if its volunteers and supporters reach into their own experiences and network and take the lead in organizing and finding the money to fund activities.

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