Saturday, August 04, 2007

Volunteer Recruitment - Will you join us again this year?

School starts soon and volunteer recruitment starts now.

I hope that you'll all return for the coming year, but I know that some of you are going to grad school, or are not able to return for other reasons. Even if you're not tutoring, please continue to be part of the Cabrini Connections family.

While Cabrini Connections will be recruiting volunteers in August and September, so will every other Tutor/Mentor Program in the Chicago region. Through the Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) we try to help every program get more volunteers, and we provide information to help new programs grow where there are no programs.

We're trying to teach other programs to act the same way, so that every program is asking volunteers to do the same things we ask volunteers at Cabrini Connections to do. The result will be more volunteers, and more operating dollars, for all of us. That means each volunteer and student will gain more from being part of a tutor/mentor program.

Can you help? Write a letter and send it to five friends, encouraging them to volunteer, at Cabrini Connections, or another program. A sample letter can be found on the T/MC web site

Ask your company to put a message on its web site, intranet, or in its newsletter, encouraging people to be volunteers, and pointing to the Chicago Programs Links.

With the help of many people, we can do more to help kids at Cabrini Connections, and kids in other high poverty neighborhoods.

Do you want to get more involved with the recruitment campaign? Call or email and I can give you more information. Read more and introduce yourself in this forum..

I hope your involvement with Cabrini Connections will continue for another year and a lifetime and that you will help us find new volunteers (donors) to support the 2007-08 school year program.

Thank you.

Dan Bassill
President, Cabrini Connections

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