Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Student Spotlight: Cabrini Connections 2007 Graduating Class

Kevin Stanfield
Years at Cabrini Connections: 6
Volunteer: Bob Lassandrello
Years with volunteer: 4

How his tutor impacted his life: "He did not give up on me and stuck in for the long run."

After graduation: Kevin plans to attend Kennedy-King college and also continue working.
In five years: Kevin wants to be finishing college with a Master's degree in graphic design.

Jabar Norman
Years at Cabrini Connections: 6
Volunteer: Tim Bradley
Years with volunteer: 3

How his tutor impacted his life: "Tim has shown me that education and hard work is important. He always stayed and patient and honest."
How Cabrini Connections impacted his life: "They have provided a service that allows me to better my career goals and dreams. Cabrini Connections has taught me how to be a leader and a successful student."

After graduation: Jabar will attend the University of Iowa on a full-ride scholarship.
In five years: Jabar wants to be graduating from college and starting his first career.

Terika White
Years at Cabrini Connections: 4
Volunteer: Ginny Whipple
Years with volunteer: 1.5

How her tutor impacted her life: "Even though I've only been with her for a short period of time, it seems like we've been together forever. She's very cool, down to earth, intelligent and helpful. We always get the hard stuff knocked out of the way to chat about daily lives. She's just fun to be around. I am able to talk to her about whatever."

After graduation: Terika wants to get her Bachelor's in Accounting or get a massage therapy license.

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