Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Party a Huge Success!

Cabrini Connections held our Annual Holiday Party on December 20 and 21st. The food table was filled with pizza, homemade goodies from the volunteers and treats from Bespoke Catering. In addition, each volunteer received a framed picture of themselves with their student. The activities included board games, group-building activities (sponsored by the Young Leaders club), video skits (sponsored by IYP) and ornament making and cookie decorating (sponsored by the Art Club.) The clubs took a big role in planning and running activities for the party. The pictures speak for themselves!

Go here for more pictures.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Thank you to all of our volunteers, students, donors and other supporters who have combined their time, talent and resources to make Cabrini Connections possible in 2006.

We hope you will all continue to support us in 2007. The 7th graders who joined us in September will need six years of support before they graduate from high school, and another four to six years before they might finish college and/or be starting a career.

Without your consistent support this we may not be able to be the village that helps raise these kids.