Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Summers

(original article posted in March 2006 to the Cabrini Connections website)

With the fortunate help of Cabrini Connections, I recently acquired a position at Starbucks. The fortunate part is because I was desperately searching for a job, which I need in order to graduate, and times were getting extremely rough financially. I looked at jobs that didn’t interest me – I just wanted a place to give me a chance and be nice about it. Because I happened to be lucky enough to be part of part of Cabrini Connections, an opportunity found me. Someone from Starbucks spoke to the group. I met him after he spoke and interviewed with him the next week. Though I have acquired a position, I must not give myself all of the credit. By now, I would still be around the city, going door to door desperately looking for an occupation.

Now, I have found something I that I think I’ll like and learn new things about myself and other people and get a taste of the real world. I want to thank Cabrini Connections and everyone who helped organize this. I want to personally thank Cabrini Connections for lending a helping hand to helping us all. I originally wanted to thank Dan Bassill for this. But why not thank him by posting this entry to show what a difference he and others can make to people like myself? Now, I can help support my household with an occupation without worries. Not only that, I am in the work program at my school, which means I can graduate because I have this job! And Again

-Thank You-

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