Monday, April 24, 2006

i am Kevin

hey I am Kevin! i am 16 years old. year so My tutor is Michael Hayes. He is cool. There hasn't really been anything going on in my life. My whole family has gone to cabrini connections for tutoring. Two of my sisters two of my brothers and me. witha single parent. I think the program is awsome. It is the people that make the program as they are the ones who put their own time and energy into it. I appreciate what everyone at cabrini connections has done for me. I get constucyive time and criticism on my work. I know that their words have helped me become the student i am today. i am going to to tutorin this wednesday. I attend every wednesday. I enjoy very much and i know my mother does too. I like that they make a safe, constuctive learning environment for everyone. I am a sophormore in highschool. I get decent grades. I am going to college. I have some ideas of what carreers i would like to go into. I don't know for sure. Yeah, on May 9, 2006 I am going to do an edgewood talk. So i want world peace and to end starvation and all that all junk! "Junk," because everyone says it meaninglessly and because it will never happen. No i am not a pessimest just right. I am more of an optimist when i want to be. So i will see everyone later. thank you. Good night and good luck!

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